The Prodigal

Published On March 24, 2014 | By YMR | Your Morning Read

the Hypothesis

There was once a man, who lived with his two sons in the countryside. One day, the youngest son told his father that he wanted all his inheritance, from his father’s will and was going to move to the city and start a new life. The father tried all he could to persuade his son not to go, but the son persisted until the father eventually succumbed.

So the son set off on his journey to the city. On arrival, the son was made welcome to so many pleasures that he had never had before. Without much thought or delay, the son began to compulsively spend all his inheritance. He did not restrain himself from anything, all that seemed good in his sight, he had.
Eventually all of his inheritance was spent and his mind came back to him. He sat down in the city streets, with his head buried between his knees. “What have I done?” he thought to himself. Then the son thought that maybe if he went to all the friends he had made whilst he was wealthy, they would take him in and help him.
So he went to their houses, knocking on their doors but they all rejected him. His clothes were raggedy and tattered and his body had a very unpleasant odor from not taking a shower for weeks.

This now became the fruit of his doing…


the Word

Today many people find themselves in the same predicament as this son. In fact, all of humanity find themselves in this very unpleasant situation. When man sinned against God, we traded our inheritance and cleaved to all the ways of death. Sin looks pleasant and good, but the end of it is death.

Each day and in every decision we make, we are either drawing closer to God: who leads us to eternal life or sin: which leads us to eternal damnation. Many distractions and temptations are put in our way each day by satan, to draw us away from a God who loves and cares for us. The temptation might look good and pleasurable, but the fruit of it, is pain, suffering and death.
Many people ask that if God truly is love, then why is there pain and suffering? Why can’t he just make us do what is right? But just like the father in this story, God cannot and will not force us to choose the right way. All He does is show us the path to life and leave us to make our decision. Pain, suffering and death are all the fruit of sin. If God made us love Him, then in that act alone, is God not showing love. Love cannot be forced, it is a choice.

Though sin brings death, God has made a way for us to live. And that is through the death of His only Son: Jesus Christ. God loves us so much, that when ‘we’ are the ones who sinned and brought death, He is the One who paid for our sin by giving His Only Son.

Just like the father, God cannot and will not force us to accept His love through His Son, we must be the ones to make that choice; and it will certainly lead us to life eternal.


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