Precious in His Sight

Published On March 24, 2014 | By YMR | Your Morning Read

the Hypothesis

In distant land, lived a very wealthy man who had much abundance but his joy was unfulfilled because he had not a wife. One day, he saddled his horses and went on a long journey, in search of a wife. He happened upon a small town, where he had learnt that the father there, had many daughters. On arrival, the father of the daughters gladly received the man into his home.

The man told of his story and how he had no joy, for he had no wife. When the man had finished speaking, the father sighed and his countenance fell. The man, worrying, asked what the problem was and the father replied, “If you had come much earlier in the year, I would have been able to give you my first daughter, who is the most beautiful of them all and is worth 8 cows(for in that town, 8 cows was the highest price one could pay for a bride). But now, all I have is the second in line. No one will marry her. She is just not the marrying type. She is overweight, slow and her hair is already falling out. Tell me, who would marry her?” The man paused a while, and then kindly asked the father to bring the daughter. The father resisted and tried all he could to convince the man otherwise but when the man persisted, the father eventually agreed.
As soon as the girl walked in, the man arose and cried to the father, “Yes! She is the one, I will marry her. Sir, I will pay you 16 fattened cows for her!”


the Word

The bible refers to us as the “bride” of Christ. In this story, the man of great wealth represents our Lord Jesus Christ, who came from His glorious and majestic throne in heaven, so as to pay the ultimate price for the redemption of our souls.
The woman likewise is us. Our present state, both physically and spiritually, is as a result of the great sin which we have committed before GOD. Though GOD created us in His own image, perfect and for us to have an intimate relationship with Him, we have fallen away from that purpose and have marred that glorious image.

Sin truly does lead to death, both physically and spiritually. We can all agree that our present world is fallen and lieth in darkeness. The standards of morality keep falling with each generation. The people to whom we have looked up to, to uphold any sense of morality and or standard, are in themeslves corrupt and have failed us.

GOD longs to have a relationship with us; this is why He created us. The sense of identity and purpose is now lost in this world, simply because we have abandoned and forsaken the only One who can give us that identity and purpose. It is at that moment that we humbly acknowledge that we were created and belong to our Maker, that the process of healing and restoration begins. GOD is full of mercy and great love. If we repent and turn to Him, He will surely restore us. He loves us so much, that He gave His ONLY Son, as payment for our sin.

Now is it the time. Seek Him while He is yet to be found.


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