My Strength, And My Redeemer

Published On February 22, 2015 | By YMR | Your Morning Read

…O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer…

These are the tremendous words from the Psalmist, David the King. Words and inspired truth as such, set the tone and paved the faithful trail for hymns to follow generations after. If we were to closely examine, seeking a common undertone, all the powerful hymns of old, we would realise a resilience to depend completely on Christ, the Saviour. This perfect submission echoes and resonates in them all. Men and women alike, sought not – sadly as the modern man, a self-esteem allure nor a prideful self exaltation but stood bare, in absolute agreement and acknowledgement of their depravity and weakness.

What does this mean for us – the modern man?

We are in great need to dispel anything that whispers; I am or I can but rather bow to the Truth – He Is. When we look at His majestic words, what do we see? How do we respond? What is the Gospel, on the which we stand?

This is the Gospel, that men depend on Christ Alone.

In Christ Alone – the hope of, dare I add, ‘any’ glory.

No man can stand apart from Him. No man dareth breathe without Him. This soul I host, in this canvas I owe – all are His and not mine.

Let us do that which He hath alway required – Acknowledge Him. From days past to future near, men of kindred and tongue ought to come and before His majesty, bow.

Without Holiness no man shall see GOD – Without GOD no man shall attain unto Holiness. He calleth us not to forge our interpretation but surrender, yield and submit to His righteousness.

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