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Published On March 24, 2014 | By YMR | Your Morning Read

the Hypothesis

There was once a father who, when he saw his son playing outside in the backyard, decided to test him. He put a toy on to a hook and tied it to a fishing rod and went out to his son.

Then the father put the toy in view of his son. As one would imagine, when the son saw the toy; he excitedly drew close to to reach for it. The closer he drew, the further away the father pulled the toy. The son then drew even closer with more zeal and the father drew the toy away the same. Unknown to the son, his father was the one using this toy as a means to draw him closer.

The son was becoming more and more frustrated, but he willed not to give up and his desire was so sincere; he really wanted this toy. When the father had drawn his son to the point that pleased him, he then came out to make his presence known. When the son saw his father, he was filled with great joy and ran to embrace him.


the Word

This is a very simple yet remarkable story. It resembles the kind of relationship that God has with mankind. Every so often He allows His blessings to shower our lives. We might not have all that we would like out of this life, but certainly we cannot deny that we are privileged. There are at least 10 people who would readily swap places with us right now.

God loves mankind so much that He desires to have a relationship with us. He allows us these privileges that perhaps through them, He might draw us closer to Him.
If at least we would question and wonder. If at least we would ask and search for Him. He is there waiting to be found. Though He might not walk obviously in plain sight, but know my friend; of a Truth, the evidence of His existence is all around us.

If you are feeling empty or you have no peace, know this, that God is allowing you to acknowledge that emptiness so that maybe, just maybe you would call out to Him. His arms are and have always been open wide. He created us with a void that can only be filled by Him. And so He is knocking at the door of your heart. Open up to Him and let Him in.

You have already tried to satisfy yourself with so many other things but at the end of them all, none have brought fulfilment or very little to no satisfaction.

Now is it the time. Seek Him while He is yet to be found.


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