The Greatest KING EVER!!!

Published On March 6, 2014 | By Evangelist Stanley | Street Evangelism, Uncategorized

In history Empires have risen and fallen.

The Egyptian Empire rose and fell,
The Babylonian Empire rose and fell,
The Persian Empire rose and fell,
The Greek Empire rose and fell,
The mighty Roman Empire also rose and fell…
The British Empire rose and fell… Etc.

But there’s ONE Empire that will NEVER fall. It is the Empire of Heaven, whose Commander in Chief is JESUS CHRIST, the Son of JEHOVAH, Who had no beginning neither will He have an end. He has the latest, greatest and well sophisticated weapons of war at His disposal, He commands BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of very well trained and disciplined Army, He is a King that NEVER goes to a battle and looses, and His Kingdom is one that WILL NEVER COME TO AN END!!

Kings come and go, Kingdoms come and go, but there’s ONLY One which lasts forever, and that’s the KINGDOM OF JESUS Christ. The great thing about this KINGDOM is that unlike other Empires, this Particular Kingdom actually liberates people from bondage. It Sets captives free, and gives eternal life to mankind.

You should get to know this KING, find out how you can partake in the expansion of His Kingdom here on earth and beyond, it’ll be good for your own benefit. He already knows you anyway, Oh and He totally knows every single thing about you.

GET TO know King JESUS CHRIST, the greatest KING/HERO of all times.

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A lover of Christ, A watchman on the wall, Radical for the Gospel, Passionate for Souls. I long to see A MIGHTY REVIVAL break out in the nations of the EARTH! I yearn for a Great outpouring of the Spirit of God across Europe and around the world.

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