The Greatest Name!!

Published On March 6, 2014 | By Evangelist Stanley | Bible Study, Street Evangelism

There’s a name so great, a name so Powerful, a name by which wonders are performed, a name that truncates devices of evil, a name that heals, a name that sets free, a name SUPERIOR to every other names.

A name physical and mental illnesses succumb to, a name that defeats depression, a name which brings perfect peace to a broken household, a name so sweet, a name around which the whole world revolves, a name history cannot do without. There’s so much that are attributable to that name.

IT IS THE NAME “JESUS CHRIST” There’s tremendous power in that name. I dare you to test and see for yourself, Why not start by reading the bible, contrary to what the unbelievers say about it, its not boring at all, but rather it’s actually full of exciting stuff and it’s living and powerful. You never know, the author might actually speak to you as you read.

Remain blessed.

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A lover of Christ, A watchman on the wall, Radical for the Gospel, Passionate for Souls. I long to see A MIGHTY REVIVAL break out in the nations of the EARTH! I yearn for a Great outpouring of the Spirit of God across Europe and around the world.

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